The MTA has been threatening a "doomsday" cuts to service that would be necessary if they don't receive aid, and the prospects of financial assistance from the government grow slimmer as the end of the year nears and the Republican-controlled Senate continues to show no interest in passing a new aid package. On Wednesday (11/18), the MTA revealed what those doomsday cuts would mean, unveiling a budget that officials called "grim," "ugly," and "brutal." As Gothamist reports, it would include a 40% reduction of service to subways and buses, up to a 50% reduction of service to commuter rail, and the loss of over 9,000 employees.

In addition to cuts in service and personnel, the MTA is also proposing raising the price of single ride MetroCards by $1, charging a $3 new card fee, and removing the options for seven and thirty-day unlimited cards.

"It’s hard not to feel like these cuts would be the beginning of the end for the MTA, and for New York as we know it,” Executive Director of Tri-State Transportation Campaign Nick Sifuentes wrote in a statement.

"Nobody likes this," Chief Financial Office Bob Foran said. "Nobody likes the impact on the customer. Nobody likes the potential impact on the employees. This is just ugly, and this is something that we must consider if we’re going to survive."

You can read the proposed budget in full here, and see a portion of it below. It's expected to be voted on by the end of the year.

MTA 2021 Final Proposed Budget

NYCT Subways –Potential Service Reductions Under Considerationto Achieve Target of up to 40% Overall Service Reduction

Factors Under Consideration
-Proposed service reductions under consideration focus on achieving significant cost reductions, mitigating negative customer impacts, and rightsizing service in response to current and projected ridership

Overview of Potential Impacts
-Subway service reductions of up to 40% may result in reduced frequency, suspension of service and/or major weekend changes
-All weekend service may be on 15‐minute headways
-Overall impact could reduce systemwide annual revenue vehicle miles and annual trips by approximately 40%
-Reduction in service of 40% may allow for a 35% subway fleet reduction, generating savings in maintenance, cleaning, and inspection costs

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