For over 30 years, MU330 have maintained their status as one of the best American ska-punk bands around. Having formed in 1988, they released arguably their best album in 2002 (Ultra Panic), and though they haven't put out a new album since then, they've dropped some great tracks along the way, like 2017's SPLC benefit single "Don't Worry Don't Stress." To celebrate this band, and to again raise money for charity, Rocket Punch Records has just released These Tracks Have An Energy, an MU330 tribute album with all proceeds going to Welcome Neighbor STL, an organization handpicked by MU330's Dan Potthast that's located in his hometown of St. Louis and provides help to refugee families in the region.

The compilation features covers by Flying Raccoon Suit, The Fad's Jimmy Doyle, The Abruptors, Rocky Sullivan Psy D (mem Bomb the Music Industry!), Dan P's own band Sharkanoid, Rocksteady Chris, Seven Thirty Seven, Must Build Jacuzzi, Worthington's Law, The Halloween Year, Candylion, Goodbye Viking, and more. Listen to the full thing below.

1. The Halloween Year - Hoosier Love
2. Worthington's Law - State O Mind
3. Must Build Jacuzzi - The Punisher / Downtown
4. Rocky Sulivan, Psy. D. - Ireland
5. Rocksteady Chris - Neighbor
6. The Abruptors - Understand
7. Chris & Tay - X-Mas Card
8. Sharkanoid - Organic Gun
9. Candylion - Stagnant Water
10. Jimmy Doyle - Lincoln
11. Goodbye Viking - 32 Cents
12. Ben Lazarus - December
13. Flying Raccoon Suit - Tell Another One
14. Seven Thirty Seven - Hey Now
15. Jerod McBrayer - Speedbump
16. Babylon Party Machine - Please Don't Run
17. The Superstation - My Favorite Song (Bonus Dan P. Cover)

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