by BBG


Much like Jex Thoth, Witch Mountain, Sabbath Assembly or Windhand, Uzala's doom takes advantage of soaring and sorrowful female vocals to reach back to doom metal's roots in the blues. While guitarist/vocalist Darcy Nutt's haunting vocals and melodicism are compelling enough to keep Uzala's new-vintage sound interesting, the band throws a wrench into the preceedings by counter-balancing those vocals with the death-grunts of guitarist Chad Remains. Simple yet well-executed songwriting and riffs keep the band's debut in a fresh Sabbath-ian light, never retreading well-travelled paths or falling into self-parody.

Uzala's self-titled debut features the knob-twiddling skills of Blake Green (Wolvserpent) and you can stream all of it for the first time below...

Uzala - S/T by brooklynvegan

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