Flesh & Steel is a three day NYC festival celebrating industrial, darkwave, EBM, New Beat, and other noirish, heavy synth music that happens December 1-3 in various venues around the city. It’s a co-production of Restless Presents, who produce LA’s Substance fest, Saint Vitus booker David Castillo, and DJ/promoter Andi Harriman of SYNTHICIDE.

“The name ‘Flesh & Steel’ comes from the song by SPK from their 1985 album Machine Age Voodoo,” says Harriman. “The mid-’80s iteration of SPK with Machine Age Voodoo was a daring one—it mixed pop elements with industrial ones, blending their early anarchic noise and sampling with a song-based sensibility. So pulling the name from the sexy track, ‘Flesh And Steel,’ on that album seemed to fit well, as did the inspiration for the flyer imagery that reflects the band’s aesthetic at that time… brutal but intimate.”

The big event of the fest happens December 2 at Knockdown Center with Boy Harsher, Belgian New Beat vets A Split-Second, as well as Soft Crash, Parade Ground, Ms Boan, NGHTCRWLER, and ’80s Baby.

There are two events on December 3: an early show at The Meadows with RIKI, Ortotasce, Ces Cadavares, and Un Hombre Solo, and a late event at Good Room featuring DJ sets by Boy Harsher’s Gus Miller, Phase Fatale, Pablo Bozzi, SHARLESE, R Gamble, and Becka Diamond.

For three-day pass holders, Flesh & Steel begins with a warm-up party on December 1 at Saint Vitus with Psyche, Sacred Skin, Rare DM, and Lathe of Heaven.

Three-day passes and individual show tickets are on sale now.

Need more industrial? Cold Waves hits NYC in September.

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Dec. 1 – 3, Brooklyn, New York

Dec 1 pre-party event at Saint Vitus
Ces Cadavares
Un Hombre Solo
DJ sets from Confines (Saint Vitus owner David Castillo) and Mayland

Dec 2, Knockdown Center
Boy Harsher
A Split-Second
Soft Crash
Parade Ground
Ms. Boan
‘80s Baby
DJ sets from Kontravoid and Andi Harriman

Dec 3, early event at The Meadows
Sacred Skin
Rare DM
Lathe Of Heaven
DJ sets from Disko Obscura and G•S•E•D

Dec. 3 late event at Good Room
Featuring DJ sets by
Gus Muller (Boy Harsher)
Phase Fatale
Pablo Bozzi
R Gamble
Becka Diamond