by Andrew Sacher

Muscle & Bone

Asheville, NC's Muscle & Bone put out a self-titled EP back in 2012, and they've since signed to Black Numbers (Placeholder, Banquets) who will release their debut album, Peace & Light, on May 27 (pre-order). The album's title track, which premieres in this post, owes to '90s sad emo like the slowcore-leanings of Mineral's EndSerenading or certain Jimmy Eat World songs ("Table for Glasses" for example). The track opens with delicate clean guitar, followed by some pretty gorgeous strings, and eventually the distortion pedals get stomped on and the whole thing ends in a crashing crescendo.

Take a listen below...


Muscle & Bone - "Peace & Light"

Peace & Light Tracklist:
1. XO
2. Song For The Broken Road
3. Keep Sinking
4. Song For Broken Teeth
5. I Am An Oak
6. Peace & Light
7. Meaningful Things
8. Direction
9. Drag Your Dreams
10. Neither The Vine, Nor The Branch
11. Wash Over Me