Museum of Love -- aka LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany -- have announced their first album since their 2014 debut. It's titled Life of Mammals and will be out July 9 via Skint (the same label that released Róisín Murphy's 2020 album). The record was made during downtime from LCD's commitments, and James Murphy mixed the album.

Both Mahoney and McNany are artists, and approached the new record more as a piece of art and is a different beast than their debut, with more of a varied style. “There's house music in there, too,” says Mahoney. “Although maybe not on the surface. I felt like with this record, we've ended up making a weird rock LP.”

The band have just shared the video for excellent, glammy first single "Cluttered World," which was directed by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe and looks at our cluttered world through a series of wild zooms (the camera move, not the method of communication we all learned to love during the pandemic). “This wonderful video is our world as a negative reflection, a metaphysical karaoke version, in which the center channel, ie humans, has been removed and the clutter of our civilization can recombine and reorder itself in perfect equality, free of our shallow purposes and unimaginative usage.”

You can watch that, and check out Life of Mammals cover art and tracklist, below.


Life Of Mammals tracklist:
1. Your Nails Have Grown
2. Life Of Mammals
3.Marching Orders
4. Hotel At Home
5. Cluttered World
6. Ridiculous Body
7. Flat Side
8. Army Of Children
9. The Conversation
10. Almost Certainly Not You

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