Mute Records has announced a live album series from iconic German group Can. The first of those, Can: Live in Stuttgart 1975, will be out May 28 on vinyl, CD and digital.

The lineup for Live in Stuttgart 1975 is Irmin Schmidt on keys, Jaki Leibezeit on drums, Michel Karoli on guitar, and Holger Czukay on bass, and this was originally recorded to tape and the album includes their entire performance. The album, and all in the series, is being overseen by founding member Irmin Schmidt and producer / engineer Rene Tinner, promising "the best quality versions possible."

The vinyl and CD sets also include extensive liner notes by novelist Alan Warner, archivist Andy Hall and manager Sandra Podmore Schmidt. You can listen to a excerpt of the opening cut, "Stuttgart 75 Eins," below.

Meanwhile, Mute is also reissuing 1973's Future Days (on gold vinyl) and the early recordings compilation Delay 1968 (on pink vinyl) on April 30.


Can: Live in Stuttgart 1975 tracklisting
1. Stuttgart 75 Eins
2. Stuttgart 75 Zwei
3. Stuttgart 75 Drei
4. Stuttgart 75 Vier
5. Stuttgart 75 Fünf

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