Mutek, the electronic music and digital arts festival that began in Montreal in 2000, has been expanding steadily over the last 17 years and has just announced its first San Francisco edition which will take place May 3 - 6, 2018:

Helmed by two co-directors with deep experience in the electronic music milieu, Surefire Agency founder Miroslav Wiesner and international events maestra Gabrielle de Villoutreys, MUTEK lands in San Francisco May 2018. Wiesner’s first encounter with the Montréal festival was through his agency work and he has been attending since 2008: “I had never been to a festival so meticulously curated, so well conceived and so cohesive in presentation. I knew I would be a devotee from the start but I didn't expect it to feel as familial as it did.” San Francisco, a rarified zone of technology and innovation, where immigration, permutation, intellectualism, and futurism come together, is a prime candidate for a MUTEK. He adds, “the intersection of art, music, and technology combined with the adaptive nature of the city, its accessible size, the concentration of ideas and its constant supply of curious travelers make San Francisco an ideal location for the first American MUTEK edition. The community needs this now more than ever as the old and the new establish their coexistence and find connections in culture and expression.”

Stay tuned for lineup and ticket info. In addition to San Francisco and Montreal, Mutek also holds festivals in Mexico City, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dubai, and Tokyo. The Mexico City edition is this week (November 22 - 26) with The Orb, Squarepusher, Tim Hecker, Jlin, Emptyset, Kelly Lee Owens, Telefon Tel Aviv, and more.

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