photo: Mutoid Man at FFF Fest 2015 (more by Tim Griffin)
Mutoid Man

Two bands who mix metal and heavy blues, Mutoid Man and Royal Thunder, will ring in the new year together in NYC. They play New Year's Eve and New Year's Day at Saint Vitus with different openers each night. The first is with Ageist and the second is with UnWed (mem Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike). Tickets for NYE and NYD are on sale now. No other dates announced at the moment.

Mutoid Man frontman Stephen Brodsky (who also fronts Cave In) also told us his top 10 of 2015, which includes albums, a couple movies, a TV show, and Fun Fun Fun Fest. One band that made it is Wild Throne, who Mutoid Man played Invisible Oranges SXSW with in 2014, and who Royal Thunder toured with this year.

Check out Brodsky's full list below...


Stephen Brodsky's Top 10 of 2015
1. Marriages "Salome"
2. Indian Handcrafts "Creeps"
3. No Spill Blood "Heavy Electricity"
4. Prurient "Frozen Niagra Falls"
5. He Whose Ox Is Gored "The Camel, The Lion, The Child"
6. Wild Throne "Harvest Of Darkness"
7. Mad Max
8. Ex Machina
9. Narcos
10. Fun Fun Fun Festival

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