Mutually Assured Destruction built up a reputation as one of the best new metallic hardcore bands around off the strength of two EPs, and now they've announced their debut full-length, Ascension, due May 18 via Triple B Records. First single "Spirit Liberation" features a very famous guest, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, and Randy's trademark growl fits right in with Mutually Assured Destruction's sound, which splits the difference between underground hardcore and '90s alternative metal. (Also: riffs for days!) Listen below.

Frontman Ace Stallings spoke to Eli Enis in an interview with Revolver about the Randy Blythe collab:

...I thought, "LOG is a big influence on us and on the city, it'd be so cool to have him on this". I sent him a couple tracks to pick from and he was more than happy to work with us. He wrote his own lyrics to his guest spot, came to our studio and busted it out in no more than 15 minutes. He sounds like a legitimate monster on that one. He's a pro. Having him be a part of Ascension is really special.

[Lamb of God] really do have a strong impact on M.A.D. I was only a little acquainted with them growing up, but later in life started to dive in. When "Spirit Liberation" was written I got to the practice space with Groater and said, "Yo man let's do a track that sounds like LOG with reference to the end of 'Final Hour' by War Hungry". I like the idea of regional representation and Lamb of God for sure sounds like they are from the south, I wanted us to have that vibe too.

Read the rest of the interview here.

1. Seven Crowns
2. Got A Light?
3. Gates Close At Dark
4. Haint Blue
5. Spirit Liberation (featuring Randy Blythe)
6. The Struggler
7. Sorcerer's Ride / The Siege
8. Scroll of Doom

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