The all-analog remasters of My Bloody Valentine's Isn't Anything and Loveless were released in January and if you preordered a bundle of both, you might find something extra in your package when it (finally) shows up. My copies showed up today -- Valentine's Day, so appropriate it almost seems on purpose -- and with the shrinkwrapped versions of both albums there was also another vinyl copy of Isn't Anything in a plain white sleeve. What gives? According to Reddit, these are rejected masters of the record -- MBV's Kevin Shields' had small runs of the record made as tests when trying to pick a pressing plant, a process he talked about with Rolling Stone:

The final hurtle this time was in physical production. He found that manufacturers each had unique sounds. "If you go to a French manufacturer, it's gonna come across a lot softer sounding and warmer than if you go to a British manufacturer, where it's gonna come across a lot more high end," he says. They eventually settled on a German facility because it was the most accurate. Throughout the process he went through various test pressings and later realized that full runs also sounded different, so they began doing short runs of 100. "We literally have a few thousand records lying around," he says. "All experiments and failures."

When he was auditioning manufacturers, he found that many seemed not to care about the quality of their product. "When I played the original version from '91, it sounded more exciting than all these cuts that I was achieving now," he says. "[The companies] just make vinyl and they take advantage of the fact that 50 percent of people who buy it don't even listen to it. And the other 50 percent are only getting into it for the first time. So you have a situation where only 25 percent of people can even tell if it's crap or not."

It's cool that even if these versions didn't pass muster to Kevin's ears that they sent them out to fans as a memento. You can still order copies of both -- whether yours will come with something extra who can say.

UPDATE: My Bloody Valentine say they're run out of the free Isn't Anything pressings:

Now that these remasters are out in with the public, Kevin can focus on that new MBV album that he says "100% will" be out this year. He recently talked with Rolling Stone Japan about the Sonic Mania Festival they're playing in Tokyo, and the new records. Google Translate is not the most finessed when going from Japanese to English, but Shields says more festivals appearances will be announced later this year and here's the translation of what he said about the new material:

For the past year or so, I have been making it with two people together with Colum (· Okosaku: Dr). I am doing a very experimental way of making, especially about the composition of melody lines and songs. First of all, I put ideas that have come up in my everyday life in Pro Tools, and I started working on recording on analog tapes last summer. Anyway, I think I will work while leaving things to the flow. As I said earlier (Part 1), when I was "Loveless", I had a lot of work to trace the images in my head, but this time I added the experimental elements consciously. I do not know what kind of result will be this time in the sense that "I will leave it to the flow and make it" (laugh). However, since it is making it more freely than ever, it makes me absolutely satisfying and there is a sense of expectation that I can do something new to date.

Kevin Shields and Brian Eno for a collaborative single last year and you can stream that below.


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