UPDATE: My Bloody Valentine announced that they've signed to Domino and will reissue their full catalog on vinyl and are in the process of adding everything to streaming services and releasing fully restored music videos. Read more HERE.


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Something is up in the world of My Bloody Valentine. The band posted to their social media accounts for the first time in ages today, sharing a 30-second video featuring "Only Tomorrow" from their 2013 album mbv, and imagery of a closeup of a guitar a la the Loveless artwork. They video ends with a date -- 3.31, which is Wednesday, and a link to their website where you can sign up for a mailing list.

While frontman Kevin Shields has been promising a new album (or multiple EPs) for a while now, some Reddit sleuths think it is more likely the worldwide return of the band's catalogue to streaming services and distribution through Domino. They point to Spotify recently changing the band's name to all lower-case, Apple Music suddenly having gifs of the band's albums, and My Bloody Valentine showing up on the Artists page on Domino Germany. US Spotify still lists Loveless as part of Sire/Rhino, though.

Add to that that Kevin Shields is participating in a Tim's Twitter Listening Party about Isn't Anything on May 15, all makes a good case for... something. We'll know "soon." Check out that teaser below.

Meanwhile, former Sopranos star, current podcaster and noted shoegaze fan Michael Imperioli seems to know something about what's going on. Over the weekend he posted a picture on Instagram of his face superimposed onto the Loveless artwork, writing, "For those who know what this means, stay tuned for something bloody exciting in the works."

My Bloody Valentine feature prominently in our list of Creation Records 21 Best Records, not to mention on side lists made by Ride, Slowdive, Swervedriver, Super Furry Animals, and Teenage Fanclub.