It's 2016 and a lot of first-gen UK punk bands are celebrating their 40th anniversary. That includes Ireland's The Undertones who, like the Buzzcocks, mixed pop smarts and teen angst romanticism with loud fast rules. (They also really knew how to make people dance.) The band's first two albums, 1979's self-titled and 1980's Hypnotized, are being reissued on vinyl on October 7. They'll also release a 7" of their great 1979 single "Get Over You" which has been remixed by My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields. No, he hasn't turned it into a shoegaze song, he's just toughened up the guitars, making it a little more live and immediate. It was reworked from the original multitrack tapes and you can compare and contrast his mix and the original -- listen to both below.