New York indiepop cult heroes My Favorite are back with a new EP, Tender Is the Nightshift : Part One, which will be out August 5 via HHBTM Records (US) / Where It's At Is Where You Are (UK). It's their first release in six years, and one of a few since reforming in 2014, after a decade apart. (Michael Grace led The Secret History in the years in between.) "Once you commit to returning to the haunted places— you have to go all the way, like some half-feral Mad Max character," says Grace. "Even if it means you end up with an 8 minute disco track."

That eight-minute disco track is "Dean’s 7th Dream," which is full of the glittery, faded glamour that My Favorite do so well, recalling everything from Vince Clarke and Marc Almond to Destroyer and Chic. It features Peter Hess from World Inferno/Friendship Society on sax and The Roots' Captain Kirk Douglas, who played in an early incarnation of the group, on guitar. The song premieres in this post.

"Some songs you write just mean more to you, signal a kind of change," says Grace. "I wrote ‘Burning Hearts’ after 9/11 as a way of saying goodbye to my partner, to the 20th century, and to a certain kind of innocence about being in a band. ‘Dean’s 7th Dream’ is another of those songs. I knew it was time to write (in a more direct way) about some of the rough stuff I experienced as a kid. But how do you make that compelling, and not just bleak or in a way— pornographic? I thought about Lou Reed and songs like ‘Street Hassle’ and ‘Coney Island Baby’. I think the answer is to tell it true, and include both the terror and the beauty. Things are complicated, it’s that simple."

Grace continues: "I had this sense memory of listening to Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ and Madonna’s first LP at the age in question, so we started with a kind of Nile Rodgers/Jellybean Benitez ‘80s dance track. And the sequencer groove Kurt [Brondo] created, the icy funk of the rhythm guitar line, Peter Hess from World Inferno adding some serious moonlight saxophones, all of it, really brought that out. Then having Captain Kirk from The Roots play the guitar solos, channeling Prince on ‘Purple Rain,’ that was just amazing. But it’s not just pastiche— there is this uneasy counter-ambience running underneath the track, like the song's subconscious— and by the end that breaks through and swallows the whole thing up, washes it away. I wanted the coda to feel the way dissociation feels. Not so much dream pop as fugue pop. That’s why I ask “When it’s time to wake up, how will we know?” Because I’m really not sure we will, or we can."

Listen to "Dean’s 7th Dream" and check out the EP's artwork and tracklist below. As for the "Part One" in the title, there are two more EPs on the way. Stay tuned.


Tender Is the Nightshift : Part One:
1. Dean’s 7th Dream
2. Princess Diana Awaiting Ambulance
3. Blues For Planet X
4. Second Empire (Second Arrangement)
5. Second Empire (Dub)

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