My Morning Jacket have posted a teaser video with 30 seconds of new music, and it looks like it means the long-discussed followup to 2015's The Waterfall is coming soon. Very soon, actually: this Friday (7/10).

As Stereogum reminds us, frontman Jim James has been talking about this album since The Waterfall came out. In an interview with Steven Hyden for Grantland, he said that the band already had another album's worth of songs ready to go and that "the two records aren’t related or anything. I don’t want to put it out as, like, The Waterfall 2 or anything like that. I just think it’d be fun to put out another record a little bit quicker than we normally do."

It didn't actually end up being quicker at all. Jim James told Rolling Stone in 2017, the album "kind of got forgotten or shelved for a minute," but he promised at the time that it "will definitely come out."

And as Variety now reports, it's finally seeing the light of day this week, and it actually is called The Waterfall 2 (Well, II.) The Waterfall II comes out this Friday (7/10) via ATO, following a listening party on Thursday (7/9) at 9 PM ET on the band's YouTube and Facebook pages. The vinyl release is due August 26.

Jim James said in a statement, "As so many of us feel out of tune and long for the world to be a better place, we have to look to nature and the animals and learn from them: learn to love, accept, move on, and respect each other. We gotta work for it and change our ways before it’s too late, and get in harmony with love and equality for all of humanity and for nature too."

The album includes "The First Time," "Magic Bullet," and "Welcome Home" which have surfaced over the years, plus seven other songs. Check out the full tracklist, the album artwork, streams of those three songs, and the new teaser video below.

MMJ will also be on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, July 15.

MMJ Waterfall II

Spinning My Wheels
Still Thinkin
Climbing The Ladder
Feel You
Beautiful Love (Wasn’t Enough)
Magic Bullet
Run It
Welcome Home
The First Time

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