Mykki Blanco has been working on a new album for a while, and “You Will Find It,” her new collaboration with Devendra Banhart, was originally intended as an interlude between tracks. “I wanted to make a song with Devendra,” Mykki says. “I wanted to make a song with one of my heroes just like a few years ago when I made a song with Kathleen Hanna. I had met him a few times now playing the same festivals in Europe and he was just open and it felt like a full circle moment. I could honestly say a lot about this song – I mean Devendra not only sings on the record, but he plays. He’s not just a feature, he is now in the blood of the song, he’s a part of the composition. It felt right to release this song now, I felt like I had this capsule of really good energy and I needed to release it now and not wait but let the vibe be felt now in this really anxious moment – so it can feel like a light hearted mini mediation amidst all the current noise."