Mystery Science Theater 3000, with "Turkey Day" marathons back in the old days of Comedy Central and Sci-Fi Network, and the new seasons on Netflix dropping on the holiday, so it's particularly bad but entirely appropriate timing to learn, via current host
Jonah Ray, that the streaming giant has not asked for a third helping:

This news, in the words of classic MST3K film Pod People, it stinks! However, you can continue the Thanksgiving MST3K marathon tradition via Shout! Factory TV, their YouTube channel and on Twitch, where they're airing "non-stop classic episodes in order" ahead of Turkey day. And you can still watch the two very good Jonah Ray-hosted seasons, and classic episodes too, via Netflix.

MST3K is also in the midst of its "The Great Cheesy Music Circus" tour, its last outing with series creator Joel Hodgson as live host.

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