Mystery Science Theater 3000 will debut its new season on Thanksgiving (11/22) on Netflix, continuing their "Turkey Day" traditions. They've just shared a trailer for the new season that also announces the six films they'll be watching: E.T. ripoff / feature-length McDonalds commercial / Paul Rudd-Conan O'Brien running gag Mac & Me, Pacific Rim knockoff Atlantic Rim, late-'80s underwater flick Lords of the Deep, 1979's suburban-family-vs-dinosaurs film The Day Time Ended, jewel-thieves-vs-piranha thriller Killer Fish (starring Six Million Dollar Man's Lee Majors), and Ator the Fighting Eagle (whose sequel, Cave Dwellers, is one of the most loved MST3K episodes of the Joel Hodgson era).

Riffing on the Turkey Day marathons of MST3K past and the binging natures of Netflix, these episodes are all part of what they're calling "The Gauntlet" where host Jonah Ray and the bots are forced to watch and crack jokes on all six movies in a row. Watch the trailer below.

Patton Oswalt, who's on the new Netflix version of MST3K, is on a stand-up tour, too.

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