Mathy indie rockers Fang Island broke up in 2015 after releasing just two albums on Sargent House earlier this decade, but vocalist/guitarist Jason Bartell has remained active. In addition to playing shows under his own name and forming the duo Wins with Cassandra Jenkins, he is now leading a new solo project called Mythless. "Fang was a band of friends, and sometimes friends just grow in different directions," he said. "Once things slowed down and eventually stopped, it became more imperative for me to have an outlet, so I started to focus on Mythless. The experience pushed me to a new place where I would be responsible for everything myself. I enjoyed that freedom."

Jason will release Mythless' debut EP, Patience Hell, on March 16 via Joyful Noise (pre-order). We're premiering the opening track, "PO," which has a similar happy-sounding complexity to Fang Islang but guitars take a backseat as harpsichord moves to the forefront. It's good stuff -- check it out, along with a "trance" visualizer (created by Andreas Wannerstedt), below.

Artwork and tracklist also below. Tour dates TBA.


1. PO
2. Statue
3. Thread Tugging
4. Copper Mirror

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