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Nader Sadek at Mayhem (more by Paul Birman)

Ever since the Mayhem show at Irving Plaza earlier this year, I've wondered about the shadowy costume figure that set up Atilla's stump/podium and mounted heads on spears before they took the stage. Turns out it was performance artist, and Mayhem stage designer, Nader Sadek, who will perform his new piece at Santos Party House on Saturday (11/21).

B'doun Wag'h (Faceless), provocatively incorporates Arabic design, Death Metal music, and Darfur activism. Musicians from the well-known metal bands Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Krallice, and Behold... the Arctopus played a specially commissioned composition on a stage featuring Middle Eastern elements that ambiguously resonate with the occult iconography of this underground music scene. Woodwork screens and geometric patterns that frame blistering guitars and frenetic drumming blur configurations of private and public, holy and profane, ritual restraint and impulsive aggression. [from Nader's bio]

Tickets for the all ages B'doun Wag'h show are still available. Look for Sadek to be joined by Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel), Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), and Mike Lerner (Behold..The Arctopus).

Speaking of Morbid Angel, the much revered death metal band recently signed with Season of Mist.

Shining also recently announced their signing to Season of Mist, and will hit US shores in the new year with Behomoth and Septicflesh. That tour impacts Gramercy on 1/30/10. Get presale tickets here now, or wait until noon to get tickets here.

Full US Tour dates for that Behemoth/Shining/Septicflesh trek, as well as a few Nader Sadek videos and the flyer for the show are below.

Nader Sadek

"B'doun Wagh" by Nader Sadek

"Baptisim in Black (phase I)" by Nader Sadek (from the Mayhem show)

Nov 20 2009 Voxhall Aarhus*
Nov 21 2009 Columbia Club Berlin*
Jan 7 2010 Theatre of the Living Arts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 8 2010 Jaxx West Springfield, Virginia
Jan 9 2010 Volume 11 Raleigh, North Carolina
Jan 10 2010 Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 11 2010 State Theatra St. Petersburg, Florida
Jan 13 2010 Emo's Austin, Texas
Jan 15 2010 The Rock Tuscon, Arizona
Jan 16 2010 House of Blues West Hollywood, California
Jan 17 2010 Slim's San Francisco, California
Jan 18 2010 Hawthorne Theater Portland, Oregon
Jan 19 2010 El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Jan 21 2010 The Republik Calgary, Alberta
Jan 22 2010 The Starlite Room Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 23 2010 The Exchange Regina, Saskatchewan
Jan 24 2010 West End Cultural Center Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jan 25 2010 Station 4 St. Paul, Minnesota
Jan 26 2010 House of Blues Chicago, Illinois
Jan 27 2010 Peabody's Down Under Cleveland, Ohio
Jan 28 2010 Mr Small's Theatre Millvale, Pennsylvania
Jan 30 2010 Gramercy Theatre New York, New York
Mar 12 2010 Dip Sahne Ankara*
Mar 13 2010 Tato Live Izmir*
Mar 14 2010 Balans Club Istanbul*
* Behemoth Solo

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