South African artist Nakhane just released their Leading Lines EP, featuring three recent singles and the new song "You've Got Me (Living Again)," and they also just announced that all four of those songs will appear on their third album, Bastard Jargon, due in spring 2023 via BMG (pre-order). Nakhane says:

It’s an existential sex album. Almost every song on it has some kind of wink towards sex. It’s not necessarily a seductive, come to me, bedroom eyes kind of sex - it’s much more inquisitive, psychological sex. When I wrote You Will Not Die it was at the end of my relationship with Christianity, and then when I wrote Bastard Jargon I’d moved to London and I threw myself into just wanting to feel good.

Check out the new EP and the full album tracklist below...


1. The Caring
2. Tell Me Your Politik (feat. Moonchild Sanelly & Nile Rodgers)
3. The Conjecture
4. Hold Me Down
5. Hear Me Moan
6. Do You Well (feat. Perfume Genius)
7. My Ma Was Good
8. You’ve Got Me (Living Again)
9. Standing in Our Way
10. If You Were to Complain

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