As you may know, Justin Pearson (The Locust, Deaf Club, Dead Cross, Swing Kids, etc) has been doing a podcast called Cult and Culture, and their latest episode has two very exciting guests: Napalm Death members Barney Greenway and Shane Embury. The synopsis reads:

In episode 23 of Cult and Culture, Justin interviews Barney and Shane of legendary extreme metal band Napalm Death. The trio discuss the idea of pacifism as a way to combat hatred, the chokehold global war machines have on our ways of life, the shortcomings of governments as they stand today, animal rights activism, and some of the more dangerous situations they’ve encountered during performances as a result of their beliefs. Barney rejects the idea of competition among touring bands, instead focusing on the self and on the collective power that can be drawn from sharing the stage with inspirational peers. Despite the intensity of their music and their possibly pessimistic-sounding band name, Barney and Shane seem to consistently focus on peacefulness while still acknowledging all the work that needs to be done to salvage what we can of the human race and, indeed, the planet as a whole.

Listen to the episode here: