The first single off Napalm Death's highly anticipated first album in five years, Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism, is here. It's called "Backlash Just Because," and as you'd probably expect from this legendary band, it's a total scorcher. It finds ND embracing their punk side and also working in bright, melodic leads, death-y brutality, grinding assault, and a slowed-down, moshable breakdown. Barney says:

This song in particular really spurred me on when I was writing lyrics for the album overall. It’s raucous and traditional, but also quirky and discordant and ultimately catchy-as-anything in the context of rampaging noise. Lyrically it was directed at the spiteful art of creating easy targets and fomenting paranoia and revulsion, which is something that I feel has become de rigueur in very recent times. I really let loose on the more sporadic vocals at the end of the song – it’s a real barkfest at that point. Lovely.

Listen below. The album drops September 18 via Century Media (pre-order).

Earlier this year, ND released the non-album single "Logic Ravaged by Brute Force," backed by a Sonic Youth cover. Shane Embury and Danny Herrera's band Venomous Concept also have a new album on the way.

Also, listen to Napalm Death's Cardiacs cover and read Shane Embury describing Cardiacs' influence on him. "Tim Smith is in my opinion a musical genius," Shane said. Rest in peace, Tim.

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