In addition to playing an awesome Coachella set, Cardi B was interviewed by Nardwuar at the festival. There was basically no chance that a conversation between these two wouldn't be entertaining, and they did not disappoint. Here's an excerpt:

Nardwuar: And that is a vinyl record for you, a gift for you Cardi B

Cardi B: Wh- really?

Nardwuar: An actual vinyl record!

Cardi B: Where am I gonna play it?

Nardwuar: You're gonna buy a turntable!

Cardi B, noticeably taken aback: Well how you know I can afford one?!

Later she asks, "How much money you spending on all these gifts for me?? Like you are... overgifting me. Like I feel like I owe you something now." Nardwuar replies, "Just being Cardi B is amazing! If you buy a turntable, that will be the ultimate reward for me."

More highlights:

Nardwuar gives her a "How To Strip For Your Husband" LP, to which Cardi quickly replies, "Oh I don't need this, I know how to."

He asks, "What does a horse smell like?" She fires back, "Have you been to New York?"

Cardi asks, "If your girlfriend played 'Be Careful' for you, how would you feel?" Nardwuar replies, "I would do whatever Cardi B tells me."

Nardwuar asks, "Anything you want to tell the people out there at all?" Cardi replies, "I want to tell the people out there: thank you for supporting me, and if you don't... Suck. My. Dick. And I know you think because I'm a woman I don't have a dick, but, I have a pink dildo in my dresser."

Watch the whole video here: