Nashville's Love Is Red were staples of 2000s melodic hardcore, and their 2004 sophomore album The Hardest Fight is an underrated classic which helped pave the way for the heavy but tuneful and emotive style of hardcore that really started to take off in the early 2010s. They unfortunately broke up a year after The Hardest Fight's release, only regrouping for a one-off reunion show in 2010 and then calling it quits again. Now they're finally set to return for the first time in over a decade to play the stacked Furnace Fest in Alabama and a sold-out Furnace Fest pre-show in Nashville with Terror, Comeback Kid, Misery Signals, Drain, Hollywood, Mutually Assured Destruction, One Step Closer, and Dare.

Not only are Love Is Red back for shows again, they've also released a new EP, Darkness Is Waiting, their first new music in 17 years. The EP features contributions from Rob McFeters, the band's original vocalist from their debut album All Thats Ahead Points To Forever, alongside current/The Hardest Fight-era vocalist Hunter Weeks, and it's a reunion record that really adds to the band's legacy. As intended, all five songs flow right into the next, and it's a tight, crisp, powerful record that picks up where The Hardest Fight left off but also sounds urgent, inspired, and very current. Stream the whole thing below.


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