Nashville metalcore band Orthodox have signed to Century Media and their first single for the label is "Body & Soul," their first new music since last year's Unbeaten Records-released LP Let It Take Its Course. It's an aggressive, in-your-face metalcore rager, and Orthodox don't shy away from a little nu metal influence. The band also revealed that they're currently working on a new album with producer Randy LaBoeuf (The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan, Chamber), so stay tuned for more on that and watch the Erick Easterday-directed video for the new song below.

Commenting on the signing, the band says, "Hilariously enough, we signed with CM back in early 2020, waiting to unveil the news until the time is right. Now that that time is here, we're beyond ecstatic to share what we've been working on and can't wait to see what kind of impressions we can make with this team behind us."

Century Media Vice President of A&R Mike Gitter adds, "Orthodox’s second album, Let It Take Its Course, was a complete coming of age for not just the band but a record that took hardcore and metal somewhere fresh and uncomfortably emotional. It’s the sort of record that bleeds with real vulnerability and honesty. And it bashes your skull in the process! Orthodox is going to be a band that will not only set the standard but will also make records that people will connect with for years to come."

As mentioned, Orthodox will be opening The Acacia Strain's full-albums tour, which also has support from Kublai Khan and Dying Wish (who just dropped their great debut LP Fragments Of A Bitter Memory). That tour hits Brooklyn on November 8 and 9 at Saint Vitus, with The Acacia strain playing 2019's It Comes In Waves plus songs from 2020's Slow Decay on night one and their 2010 classic Wormwood on night two. Both shows are sold out but you can join the waiting list in case tickets open up. All dates are listed below.

The Acacia Strain / Kublai Khan / Orthodox / Dying Wish -- 2021 Tour Dates (Euro date format)
07.11.2021 (USA) Hartford, CT - Webster Theater
08.11.2021 (USA) Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus
09.11.2021 (USA) Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus
10.11.2021 (USA) Richmond, VA - Canal Club
11.11.2021 (USA) Richmond, VA - Canal Club
12.11.2021 (USA) Louisville, KY - Portal
13.11.2021 (USA) Nashville, TN - The End
14.11.2021 (USA) Nashville, TN - The End
16.11.2021 (USA) Tampa, FL - Crowbar
17.11.2021 (USA) Tampa, FL - Crowbar
19.11.2021 (USA) Houston, TX - The Secret Group
20.11.2021 (USA) Houston, TX - The Secret Group
21.11.2021 (USA) San Antonio, TX - Vibes Event Center
22.11.2021 (USA) San Antonio, TX - Vibes Event Center
23.11.2021 (USA) Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
24.11.2021 (USA) Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
26.11.2021 (USA) Mesa, AZ - Nile Theater
27.11.2021 (USA) Mesa, AZ - Nile Theater
28.11.2021 (USA) Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
29.11.2021 (USA) Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
01.12.2021 (USA) Denver, CO - HQ
02.12.2021 (USA) Denver, CO - HQ
03.12.2021 (USA) North Kansas City, MO - The Rino
04.12.2021 (USA) Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck
05.12.2021 (USA) Saint Paul, MN - Amsterdam Bar & Grill
06.12.2021 (USA) Saint Paul, MN - Amsterdam Bar & Grill
07.12.2021 (USA) Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
08.12.2021 (USA) Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
10.12.2021 (USA) Detroit, MI - The Sanctuary
11.12.2021 (USA) Detroit, MI - The Sanctuary
12.12.2021 (USA) Lakewood, OH - The Foundry
13.12.2021 (USA) Lakewood, OH - The Foundry
14.12.2021 (USA) Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts
15.12.2021 (USA) Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
16.12.2021 (USA) Worcester, MA - Palladium
17.12.2021 (USA) Worcester, MA - Palladium
18.12.2021 (USA) Albany, NY - Empire
19.12.2021 (USA) Albany, NY - Empire


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