"Prass, who has the voice of an emancipated Disney princess, says she was thinking of that scene in Punch-Drunk Love when she hit upon the idea for "It Is You", the showstopping finale of her forthcoming eponymous debut LP, due out via Virginia indie Spacebomb in January." [Pitchfork, 12/2/2014]

"But the album's two bookends, the highlight opener "My Baby Don't Understand Me" and Disney-core closer "It Is You," hit with such open-sky pop directness they almost make the case that her bright side is the only side she needs." [AV Club]

"It is light and lilting, a Disney-princess voice, with the kind of dainty, trilling vibrato that doesn't land on notes so much as hover above them." [New Yorker]

"Prass has a voice nestled somewhere between young Dolly Parton and Disney Princess." [VOX]

"her harp-infused fairy dance "Christy," the Disney-eque "It Is You,"" [Paste]

"Both tracks sound like they're stolen from some kind of scrapped Disney soundtrack about a girl mouse falling in love." [Sputnik]

""It Is You," a swelling number that sparkles like a Disney centerpiece."
[Under The Radar]

"The closing It Is You, which might have been cut from a vintage Broadway musical or a Disney movie" [The Northern Echo]

"Album closer It Is You ends things with a gay flourish that suggests a Walt Disney animation rather than mutual laceration." [Guardian]

"album closer "It Is You," a sprightly and sweet waltz that echoes Disney musicals more than L.A." [Treble Zine]

"The album closes with "Is It You," which sounds like a ballad off an early Disney soundtrack, with its swell of cinematic strings and fairytale lyrics." [The Observer]

"In an alternate universe, the strings and flute on this song would be soundtracking the theme song to a classic animated Disney film." [Lockeland Springsteen]

"the giddy album-closing love song that, as a few other people have already pointed out, sounds like a Disney-princess singalong." [Stereogum]

"I can't say I've ever enjoyed a song I'd delight in categorizing as Disney princess swag." [FlavorWire]

"The album ends on the widescreen Disney soundtrack of "It Is You"; the lushest song that Spacebomb has put their name to so far, it's the love song to end all other songs." [The Line of Best Fit]

""It Is You", meanwhile, is a preposterous recreation of vintage Disney scores; so much so that one imagines Prass singing it to animated songbirds perched on her arm, chipmunks and raccoons clustered adoringly at her feet. Artful, whimsical, a little cloying - and easily enough avoided, sat as it is at the end of the 40-minute album. [UNCUT]


Natalie Prass is touring and play Rough Trade in Brooklyn this week, and will be at SXSW. You can stream the entire album, "It Is You" included, below.

In related news, Matthew E. White (who produced Natalie's album) just released a Philip Seymour Hoffman tribute.


Natalie Prass -- 2015 Tour DAtes
Feb 3, 2015 - The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
Feb 4, 2015 - DC9, Washington, DC
Feb 5, 2015 - Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia, PA
Feb 6, 2015 - Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY
Feb 8, 2015 - TT the Bear's, Cambridge, MA
Feb 11, 2015 - The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 13, 2015 - El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

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