Charlotte, North Carolina's Dollar Signs have been around for a few years, making a quirky mix of punk, emo, power pop, folk, ska-style horns, and more that kind of sounds like a cross between Jeff Rosenstock and The Front Bottoms. Following releases on Anti-Flag's A-F Records, they've now signed to Pure Noise and released their first single for the label, "Negative Blood."

"'Negative Blood' is the most brutal sounding song title we’ve ever had," says vocalist/bassist Dylan Wachman, "which is sick, but the song itself is an ode to endless charge through the storm of shit in everyone’s lives. Not everything is an omen! Things can actually turn out BETTER than you planned! They probably won’t though. Negative blood and all." The song is a fun, catchy, upbeat offering of horn-fueled punk, and the anthemicism is balanced out by the negativity and self-deprecation in the lyrics (in a PUP kind of way). It's cool stuff, and you can hear it for yourself below. Pure Noise say the band have "very exciting announcements and more to come early 2021." Stay tuned!

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