North Carolina punks Totally Slow are releasing their third album, Casual Drag, on June 4 via Refresh Records (pre-order). We're premiering the rippin' new song "Found Factions," and here's what vocalist/guitarist Scott Hicks says about it:

"Found Factions" happened in a creative burst I had between making new inspiring connections with very talented friends and making some tough existential decisions about how we wanted to move forward with this band. We work a lot with open D-string riffs and an octave chorded two-guitar attack that bands like Adolescents and Fugazi championed when I was a kid. Lyrics about self-inflicted isolation and happily shrinking your social circle as time goes on - didn't need a pandemic to get down with that.

That should give you a pretty great idea of what to expect; the song pretty much finds the middle ground between Adolescents' snotty SoCal punk and the harder sounds of DC post-hardcore, and it manages to induce nostalgia and feel fresh and urgent all at once. Watch the video (directed by Reid Haithcock) below.

Found Factions
Call the Pigs
Casual Drag
On Sale
The Needle
Skull Cracks
Dead Skater
Push Ups
I Yield My Time, Fuck You


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