We've been anticipating Mortal, Bay Area death metal unit Necrot's followup to their killer 2017 debut album Blood Offerings, since the beans on it were spilled at the very beginning of this year, and now all the details on the album and the first single are finally here.

Mortal drops August 28 via Tankcrimes (pre-order), it was recorded by Greg Wilkinson (who also did Blood Offerings and works with High On Fire and many other bands), and the first single is "Stench of Decay." "When we first started, our goal was to play death metal and put out some tapes," says vocalist/bassist Luca Indrio. "We always wanted to write an album that twenty years from now would be remembered as a true classic of the genre. With Blood Offerings, we may have done that but with Mortal we have definitely done that. Time will prove us right."

We'll just have to see if time really does prove them right, but meanwhile, "Stench of Decay" does sound like a leap forward from Blood Offerings. Necrot sound bigger, more confident, and they cover so much ground in this under-four-minute song. "'Stench Of Decay' is the smell of our world falling under the greed and senseless pride of men," Idrio continues. "It is the stench you smell in the morning when you realize that outside your door is nothing but ugly humans ready to deceive, steal, or even kill for a little more power or money. 'Stench Of Decay' is what we have been breathing since day one and we will continue breathing it until everything and everyone we know and love inevitably disappears." Listen below.

In related news, fellow Bay Area death metal band Ulthar (who share a member with Vastum, whose drummer is Necrot's Chad Gailey) have a new song out today too.

Necrot Mortal

1. Your Hell
2. Dying Life
3. Stench Of Decay
4. Asleep Forever
5. Sinister Will
6. Malevolent Intention
7. Mortal

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