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One of the greatest hardcore bands of all time (most of them anyway.....

John Brannon - Vocals (original & most important)
Harold Richardson - Guitar
Ron Sakowski - Bass
OP Moore - Drums (sort of original)

)....Negative Approach, will play one of two US shows (the other in Rhode Island) at Southpaw on May 14th. TICKETS ARE ON SALE. Go. Now.

Still here? Quick.... here's a crash course on who the guys are:

NA's musical style was based on Detroit proto-punk icons The Stooges, British punk rock (especially Discharge) and Oi! music (Blitz, 4-Skins, et al.), although from the start their sound and demeanor were considerably more aggressive and brutal than that of their influences. NA's brand of hardcore was savage and nihilistic, exuding frustration, alienation and rage. This was personified in the band's vocalist John Brannon, an intimidating and intense young man with a shaved head, piercing stare and belligerent attitude. His vocal style and stage presence set the standard for those that followed. (Wikipedia)

Negative Approach was last in town for the 2007 Superbowl of Hardcore and the 2007 No Fun Fest with Thurston Moore guesting on guitar. They also played the Touch & Go anniversary party. Members of Negative Approach are in Easy Action.

That's the cover of their new live DVD up there. Videos and tour dates below....

Negative Approach, Live in 1983

Negative Approach, Live at the No Fun Fest 2007, Pt. 1



Negative Approach covering Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout"
NA @ St Andrew's Hall 5/26/07

May 14 - Southpaw Brooklyn, NY
May 16 - Club Hell Providence, Rhode Island
Jun 21 - Summerblast Festival Trier Germany
Jun 22 - Melkweg Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jun 23 - Hof Ter Lo Antwerp, Belgium
Jun 24 - Underworld London, England
Jun 25 - Sala KGB Barcelona, Spain
Jun 27 - Audio Drome Milan, Italy
Jun 28 - Vainstream Rockfest - Afternoon Munster, Germany
Jun 28 - Hafenklang - Evening Hamburg, Germany

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