Neil Young has been treating us to intimate "Fireside Sessions" while the coronavirus keeps many people home more than usual, and puts his own touring plans on hold. He's shared two so far, and is working on a third, but its release has been delayed due to his wife Daryl Hannah's illness. "Our next fireside session is finally in the works and should be coming soon," he writes. "There was a brief delay, as my lovely wife was ill for several days and had to isolate herself, even during our isolation. It proved particularly challenging on the food front, however, she recovered, all is well now, and we're back on track."

"When we first tried to send a livestream out," Neil continues, "it failed because our bandwidth is so low. dhlovelive films, records and edits them all on her iPad and of course includes the obligatory commercial from our sponsor. Then our dear friend comes by, (in requisite mask and gloves) picks up the iPad outside the door, transports it to town many miles away in order to use the internet and sends it on to our home base, Lost Planet, doing all this while she shops for food. This process takes an entire day... just to send the file."

"For this, our third session, the file will head to J. Hanlon so he can see if there is any way to adjust the sound and deal with our limited tech... And then, we'll stream directly to you from Neil Young Archives," Neil says. We're looking forward to it.

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