Neil Young and Crazy Horse released a new album called Colorado in October. Today, this exciting news was posted to the Neil Young Archives website:


We have been looking at booking the Crazy Horse BARN tour. Many of the old places we used to play are gone now, replaced by new coliseums we have to book year in advance and we don’t want to go to anyway. That’s not the way we like to play. It sounds way to much like a real job if you have to book it and wait a year, so we have decided to play the old arenas - not the new sports facilities put up by corporations for their sports teams. Largely soulless, these new buildings cost a fortune to play in. We wanted to play in a couple of months because we feel like it. To us it’s not a regular job. We don’t like the new rules.

So we asked for the old arenas where we used to play, and we learned [that a huge amount of them are demolished, but many are also still standing]

Among those on their list of arenas still standing: MSG, Forum, Nassau Coliseum, Long Beach Arena, Cow Palace, Chicago Arena, Nashsville Municpal Auditorium, and more.
They end with:

Crazy Horse Barn Tour, we will hopefully be in one of the existing arenas. Hope to see you there. News coming pretty soon!

Stay tuned!

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