Edinburgh indie-punks Nelson Savage are staples of their local DIY scene, and they've now made a video for "Glasgow Coma Scale" off their recent Cracked Beyond Repair EP, which celebrates DIY scenes from all over the world and features cameos by Jeff Rosenstock, Mike Park, Slingshot Dakota, and more.

"The band formed as part of the Anti-Manifesto collective, who for almost 18 years have been releasing music and promoting DIY punk shows in Edinburgh," they say. "Over these years, many close friendships have formed from the shows put on, so this video has been put together to celebrate some of these connections made, with the likes of Jeff Rosenstock, Mike Park, Slingshot Dakota, Fraser Wrong Life / ex-Murderburgers, Paper Rifles, Goodbye Blue Monday and Get it Together all contributing scenes." They also add, "We wanted to use this video to celebrate the DIY music scenes all over."

The song is a dose of catchy, crunchy, '90s-style indie rock with a punk edge, and the video is a very cool way to celebrate international connections in these socially distant times. Check it out and stream the full EP below...


Video guests:
Colin O’Hara
Steven Hill
Anna Kirkwood
Luca Kirkwood
Carly Commando
Kevin The Dog
Tom Patterson
Jeff Rosenstock
Mike Park
Craig Dickson
Camilla Houstoun
Fraser Wrong Life
Graham Lough
Maša Novak
Ace The Dog
Mark Fraser
Roan Dickson
Jon Paper Rifles
Kieran Andrews
Pepper The Dog
Phantom The Dog
Nelson The Dog
Fraser Small


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