Jeff Mangum "Ok, so a little more than ten years ago; the middle part of 1994 to be more precise, I was in college, and I moved into a house with my friend John. One of his housemates, a guy named Jeff, moved out, and I moved into Jeff's room. Lots of musician types and artists lived in this house over the years, there was an ever rotating cast of characters. I happened to move in just prior to the demise of the Monroe Street House. Parties were had, shows were played, music was made, drinks and "other stuff" consumed, etc. It was, to say the least, a fun time. At one point, John gave me a couple of cassettes that contained quite a lot of demos recorded by Jeff, the guy who'd moved out just as I was moving in...." [Yes, Jeff's last name was Mangum. Shannon posted three MP3s]

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