The Owl

A new music venue, called The Owl, opened this month at 497 Rogers Ave. in the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. It's from Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles of long-running NYC band The Elysian Fields and they've been working on the space for the last six years. Having come up through places like Tonic and the old Knitting Factory, they really hope to have a little of that spirit at The Owl:

"We really wanted the experience of the art and the music to breathe and to have an intimate environment for an audience to experience it, in an unadulterated, non-commercial setting, while having very good wine and spirits," Charles said.

The venue features a full bar in the front connected to a performance space that can seat about 50 people and includes a grand piano and a professional-grade speaker system Bloedow hopes "rewards deep listening."

"It's for people who want to have a cultural exchange and are open-minded and patient. That's my ideal patron," he said. - [DNA Info]

The Owl will host most of Elysian Fields' upcoming 20th anniversary shows, and also have Joan as Policewoman on December 17. Full calendar for The Owl is here.

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