Before the pandemic threw a wrench into the works, Bruce Springsteen said that there was a new E Street Band album and tour in the works. Live shows are obviously off the table for now, but might we still get a new album? The Asbury Park Press reports that producer Ron Aniello, who has worked with Springsteen since 2012, posted an Instagram story with the text "It's coming..." over black and white video of a stormy sea.

Aniello has been a constant presence at the NJ studio at Bruce Springsteen's home, Bruce's wife, Patti Scialfa (who is also working on a new album), told Rolling Stone recently. “We’ve been sharing a studio, and Bruce has just been so prolific lately that it’s hard for me to get in there,” Scialfa said. “He’s always like, ‘I have to go do this thing and that thing.’" Meanwhile, E Street Band member Nils Lofgren told the "What's Up on E Street?" podcast that the new music is "as great a record in the works as I ever heard Bruce make and that's saying a lot.”

The Asbury Park Press also notes that the E Street Band tour was going to be off even if the pandemic didn't hit. Guitarist Steven Van Zandt told USA Today earlier this year, “For the last five years, he’s been going — he’s had a very productive five years. He got the book (Born to Run) and he did a whole promotional tour for the book, then 15 months on Broadway, sold out, and the Western Stars movie. He’s been working very productively for the last five, six years. So you can’t blame him for wanting to take a little time off. As it turns out, if we had booked a tour we’d be canceling everything. It turned out to be just as well."

Something, though, is coming. Whether it's Bruce-related or not, stay tuned.

Bruce recently appeared in the streaming Joe Strummer birthday tribute.

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