Back on Halloween, two big Brooklyn warehouse parties were shut down by police for breaking COVID regulations. One of them, which the sheriff's office said they found nearly 400 people inside, most of whom were unmasked, was new Bushwick venue The Brooklyn Monarch. Brooklyn Paper reports that the venue has since had its liquor license suspended following the bust. They'll likely face a hefty fine to get it back; various bars that have gotten caught at odds with COVID restrictions have looked at fines ranging from a few thousand dollars up to $50,000.

New York Times reported at the time that eight people and one business, Norman Kingsland LLC, would face "charges and fines" from the party.

Located at 23 Meadow St, next door to where Shea Stadium used to be, Brooklyn Monarch, which was originally to be called The Monarch Theatre, had Sheer Terror play in February, and was set to host the 2020 edition of annual NYC hardcore festival Black & Blue Bowl in May before COVID did away with live music for most of the year.

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