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DOWNLOAD: Child Abuse "Froze Toes" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Child Abuse "Bebe" (MP3)

Child Abuse

From a recent interview with Child Abuse:

Do you condone the abuse of children?
Tim: Only if there's something in it for me.
Luke: Absolutely not. Boring answer, I know... but who does condone abusing children?
Oran: No

Would you consider your music an appropriate soundtrack during the abuse of children, whether you condone the act or not?
Tim: Not really. I think Radiohead would be better. Actually no... Vampire Weekend.
Luke: Hmm good question... .I think the most perverse soundtrack would have to be something from the bel canto tradition... something light and airy... maybe a piece from a Verdi opera.
Oran: I don't think it's appropriate to abuse children to any music.

Somwhere in between noise, metal, and avant-jazz lies Child Abuse, the wildman trio from NYC that welcomed their new album Cut and Run via Lovepump United last week. The band recently debuted the new track "Bebe" via the Village Voice, but are welcoming a new song in the form of "Froze Toes" available for download above.

Child Abuse are celebrating the glitchy, cofrontational Cut and Run at a show at Glasslands on 4/26, with an assist from Mick Barr (who played Europa with Krallice, pics are coming), Skeleton$ and Grooms (who play PA on 5/5 with Hot Hot Heat and Bowery on 5/26 with Holly Miranda).

Some Child Abuse video and current tour dates are below.

Child Abuse | NYC @ Death by Audio | 16 Oct 2009

Child Abuse | NYC @ Silent Barn | 07 Aug 2009

Ocrilim (Mick Barr) | NYC @ Monkeytown | Jun 14th, 2008

Apr 26 2010 Glasslands w/ Skeletons and Child Abuse (release party) Brooklyn, New York
May 5 2010 Public Assembly with Hot Hot Heat Brooklyn, New York
May 22 2010 T.T. The Bear's with Holly Miranda Cambridge, Massachusetts
May 24 2010 Black Cat with Holly Miranda DC, Washington DC
May 25 2010 Kung Fu Necktie w/ Holly Miranda Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 26 2010 Bowery Ballroom w/ Holly Miranda Manhattan, New York
Jun 25 2010 Knitting Factory (Kanine Records Party) Brooklyn, New York

Apr 13 2010 PARIS LONDON WEST NILE: last show at the WEST NILE! Brooklyn, New York
Apr 26 2010 Glasslands w/ CHILD ABUSE, MICK BARR, GROOMS! Brooklyn, New York
May 8 2010 DEATH BY AUDIO w/ TALIBAM! & PC WORSHIP! Brooklyn, New York
Jun 9 2010 CAKE SHOP w/ STARRING! Brooklyn, New York