Some Loud Thunder

So far so good. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah write....


Some Loud ThunderWe have a new record coming out on January 30th called Some Loud Thunder. It is our second album. Check out the artwork to the side and the track list below, and two new songs for your listening pleasure.

For those of you who can't wait until the 30th, you can buy the album directly from us in the mp3 tradition, thanks to our good friends at Insound, starting on January 16th. Then we'll send you a real-life copy of the record soon after for free. We'll also have an exclusive t-shirt available for those of you who decide to buy the record directly from us. There's also another song up for you to hear over at our myspace page.

So here's the track list:

1. Some Loud Thunder
2. Emily Jean Stock
3. Mama, Won’t You Keep Them Castles in the Air and Burning?
4. Love Song No. 7 (MP3)
5. Satan Said Dance (@ MySpace)
6. Upon Encountering the Crippled Elephant
7. Goodbye to Mother and the Cove
8. Arm and Hammer
9. Yankee Go Home
10. Underwater (You and Me) (MP3)
11. Five Easy Pieces