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DOWNLOAD: Dälek - "2012 (The Pillage)" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oddateee - "Ricans" (MP3)


Shadowy New Jersey (anti) hip hop crew Dälek, have released Gutter Tactics on Ipecac Records. The track "2012 (The Pillage)" is downloadable above; check it out in all of it's RZA's-Ghost-Dog-on-barbiturates glory. Recorded in their Union City studio, Gutter Tactics features the instrumental embellishments of Destructo Swarmbots from Dalek's Deadverse roster.

Here's a fascinating quote from MC dälek on their brand of menacing hip hop:

"'s the philosophy of diggin' through crates to find sounds you make your own regardless of genre. Afrika Bambaataa sampled Kraftwerk, while we draw on the essence of Faust, or My Bloody Valentine..."

How many hip hop crews claim Faust and My Bloody Valentine as an influence? Producer Oktopus goes further:

"Gutter Tactics is more about us continually doing some early hip-hop sh*t but with the attitude of the Melvins or Black Sabbath."

Schweet. The band is currently gearing up for a European tour with Deadverse's Oddateee which includes the Dälek-curated De Kreun Sonic City Festival with Earth, Guapo, Joshua Booth, and Destructo Swarmbots! How many hip hop crews would curate a show with Earth & Guapo?!?

Oddateee released Halfway Homeless on Nov 4th, 2008 via Deadverse.. check out "Ricans" from that record above. Full Dalek/Oddateee and Earth tour dates below.

In other Destructo Swarmbots news, Mike Mare of DS has teamed up with MGR, aka Mike Gallagher of Isis fame to release Amigos de la Guitarra out NOW on Neurot Recordings. Recorded at Deadverse studios by Oktopus, Amigos consists of a single 42-minute song, "Amor en el Aire" and... well, let's let the amazing must-read press release do the talking....


Last year, Mike Mare of Destructo Swarmbots and Mike Gallagher of MGR/Isis "fame" fell in love.
From across the room at The Toolbox, Gallagher's rakish grin and platinum-plated construction helmet caught Mare's ever-discerning eye. Gallagher was similarly impressed with Mare's state-of-the-art hairdo and glistening pecs.
"I was immediately impressed with Mike's state-of-the-art hairdo and glistening pecs," Gallagher recalls.
"Mike's rakish grin and platinum-plated construction helmet caught my ever-discerning eye from across the room," Mare adds.
The Toolbox walls were slick with perspiration that night and the place smelled like a public pool. In the dark recesses of the gold room (pants optional!), a skinny guy with a Hitler mustache and black leather vest was slow-dancing with a much larger, bearded gentleman in Louis Vuitton chaps and a black leather vest. There was definitely a Cher remix blasting through the house sound system--predictably, it was "Believe"--and everyone was shirtless and shitfaced. And gyrating. Come to think of it, it was like that movie Cruising with Al Pacino, only much, much gayer. To make a long story short, the two Mikes shared a blended strawberry margarita and made a night of it.
In the months that followed, the Mikes played a few shows in Brooklyn, held hands in public and took a romantic carriage ride around Central Park. At night, they'd share a bunk bed in a friend's loft while visions of sugar plums and The Rock in a Peter Pan costume danced in their heads.
The civil procedure was performed hastily at Boston City Hall in August 2007, with a more elaborate ceremony (for friends and family) performed by Robert Goulet in Las Vegas shortly before his tragic passing.
Once officially wedlocked, the two Mikes decided to consummate their vows the only way they knew how: With their guitars. They lovingly recorded a single 42-minute song entitled "Amor en el Aire" at Deadverse Studios in glamorous downtown Union City, New Jersey, with Alap Momin, a.k.a. Oktopus from hip-hop revolutionaries Dälek.
After last year's MGR release, Wavering On The Cresting Heft, was lavished with such breathless and punctuationally-challenged praise as "I want my money back" and "fuck you mike," it seems likely that Amigos de la Guitarra will be received similarly and with as much enthusiasm. Please purchase a copy before it is available for free on the Interhole. The lawyers keep sending us bills and strongly-worded letters.

Mar 27 L'Appel d'Air Trebry
Mar 28 - le VIP Saint Nazaire
Mar 29 - La Fourmi Limoges
Mar 30 - Grrrrrnd Zero Lyon
Mar 31 - Nouveau Casino Paris
Apr 2 - Noumatrouff Mulhouse
Apr 3 - La Cartonnerie Reims
Apr 4 - De Kreun Sonic City Festival Kortrijk*
Apr 5 - De Kreun Sonic City Festival Kortrijk*
Apr 7 - Le Bikini Toulouse
Apr 8 - Krakatoa Bordeaux
Apr 9 - L'Abordage Evreux
Apr 10 - 6 par 4 Laval
Apr 11 - Le Camji Niort
* w/ Guapo, Earth, Joshua Booth, Destructo Swarmbots

February 26 2009 - Tractor Tavern, Seattle, Washington*
February 27 2009 - Dantes, Portland, Oregon*
March 26 2009 - Paradiso, Amsterdam
March 27 2009 - Stuk, Leuven
March 28 2009 - L'Olympic, Poitiers
March 29 2009 - Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers
March 30 2009 - El Balcon De La Lola, Bilbao
March 31 2009 - Passos Manuel, Porto
April 1 2009 - Caracol, Madrid
April 2 2009 - La, Barcelona
April 3 2009 - L'Epicerie Moderne, Lyon (Feyzin)
April 4 2009 - Glaz'Art, Paris
April 5 2009 - Sonic City, Kortrijk
April 6 2009 - Molotow Club, Hamburg
April 8 2009 - Inferno Festival, Oslo
April 9 2009 - Strand, Stolckholm
April 11 2009 - Prater, Berlin
April 12 2009 - Ut Connewitz, Leipzig
April 13 2009 - Feierwerk, Munich
April 14 2009 - Club Schocken, Stuttgart
April 15 2009 - Gebaude 9, Koln
April 16 2009 - St. Andrews Church, Brighton
April 17 2009 - Hare and Hound, Birmingham
April 18 2009 - Islington Mill, Manchester
April 19 2009 - Stereo, Glasgow
April 21 2009 - Whelans, Dublin
April 22 2009 - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
April 23 2009 - The Croft, Bristol
April 24 2009 - Borderline, London
April 25 2009 - Roadburn, Tilburg
* with Sir Richard Bishop and James Blackshaw

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