Balance and Composure's classic debut album Separation turned 10 in 2021, and we're psyched to announce an exclusive new variant. Our pressing is on translucent green vinyl, and limited to 400 copies; order yours HERE, and check out a mock-up above.

Separation is an absolute standout in the Pennsylvania emo scene (Balance and Composure came up in the same town as Superheaven, and played early shows with Tigers Jaw, Title Fight, and The Menzingers), and remains an enduring classic for emo and post-hardcore heads. From Danielle Chelosky's 10th anniversary retrospective:

These intense moments are scattered throughout Separation. That’s what people look to Balance And Composure for: catharsis. The emotions are so dramatic that they feel physically tangible. It’s hard to exactly say what it is about its sound that’s evocative; it just feels right, especially when you’re a sad teenager. The album art of a painted woman in a dress with a sun for a head has become a symbol — a symbol that stands for unrestrained feeling. That’s why this record, and a lot of emo classics, are timeless; as the world continues, there will always be hormonal teenagers. They will, with each generation, stumble upon Separation. It will never fail to resonate as long as angst lives on.

Order our exclusive vinyl variant of Separation in the BV store, and stream it below.


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