Modern Baseball released their third (and as of now, final) full-length album, Holy Ghost, in 2016 via Run for Cover. We've teamed up with the band and label for a new exclusive pressing, on half blue, half white vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Pre-order yours HERE while they last - they'll be shipping shortly!

In our 2016 review of Holy Ghost, Tatiana Tenreyro wrote:

This LP deviates a bit from their previous albums, but it's not any less excellent. This one is split down the middle; with the first six songs written and sung by Jake Ewald and the last five by Brendan Lukens. Both Brendan and Jake have gone through respective personal challenges prior to the making of Holy Ghost. Jake, who experienced the loss of his grandfather, puts the jokes aside in this album to focus on coping with loss, showing a more serious, mature side of his songwriting. He begins the album with the title track, a song about feeling the energy of his grandfather looking over him and how his death impacted his life, as he mentioned in their documentary.

Other songs delve into the themes of mourning and finding happiness again with help from a romantic partner, like "Wedding Singer" and "Everyday." His upbeat track "Mass" details the small yet significant things he misses doing with his partner while he's on tour, as he sings: "Sometimes I wish it was still last summer and you still lived in South Philly/And I wasn't playing a show in Nebraska, or Austin, Texas."

The album gets grittier and more upbeat on Brendan's side, starting with "Coding These To Lukens." Brendan has been very open about dealing with depression and anxiety and the impact it had on him prior to writing the album, and these songs address that in relatable, honest ways. "Apple Cider I Don't Mind," one of the first singles the band shared off this LP, outwardly embraces the band's Killers fandom while Brendan sings about experiencing betrayal in a relationship. He follows it with "What If…", a song where he opens up about his anxiety, singing: "Is it possible I'm overthinking this?"

Holy Ghost ends with "Just Another Face," which is easily my favorite on the album. This one addresses his struggles with depression. He opens the song with self-deprecating lines like "I'm a waste of time and space" and "I scream get lost I hate everything, I can't say how I got here," but by the end of the song, he changes pace: "Still I can feel the need to change me from the inside."

Pre-order Holy Ghost, and order more Modern Baseball vinyl, including a limited "clear with orange" pressing of The Perfect Cast, in the BV store.


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