Florida metalcore vets Poison the Well gave their classic 2002 sophomore album Tear from the Red a 20th anniversary vinyl reissue via Federal Prisoner earlier this year with new black-and-white album art across three different vinyl variants. They quickly sold out, but we're now thrilled to be teaming with them on an exclusive repress. The striking half violet, half white with black splatter edition is limited to 1000 copies. Get yours here while they last.

Here's what we said about the album in our list of 15 albums that defined the 2000s post-hardcore boom:

Poison the Well's 1999 debut album The Opposite of December (which we included on our metalcore list) helped kickstart the scream/sung melodic metalcore movement that blew up in the early 2000s, but instead of joining the Killswitch Engages and Avenged Sevenfolds of the world and capitalizing on the popularity of the sound they helped create, Poison the Well went in increasingly experimental directions that were too outré for them to be lumped in with metalcore. The jump from The Opposite of December to PTW's 2002 sophomore album Tear from the Red wasn't as drastic as the one Cave In made between LP1 and LP2, but the adventurous Tear from the Red still feels more closely tied to the albums on this list than to early 2000s metalcore. While The Opposite of December's production style is very emblematic of '90s metalcore, Tear from the Red has a rich, spacious sound that defies any particular niche and sounds as fresh today as it did in 2002. It's heavy, but in a much more ethereal way than its predecessor, and it's also full of somber acoustic passages and clean-sung vocals delivered in more of an emo/indie rock fashion than on the band's debut. The Opposite of December spawned a lot of imitators, but few bands dared to pull off copying Tear from the Red.

Poison the Well, who recently reunited, have one upcoming show scheduled at the moment: Furnace Fest in Birmingham, AL.

For more retrospective Poison The Well reviews, read our writeups on The Opposite of December and and You Come Before You.

Pick up our new Tear from the Red variant here.

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15 Albums That Defined the 2000s Post-Hardcore Boom

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