Cannibal Corpse are everywhere lately, whether it's because of their great new album, their constant touring, finding themselves at the center of the latest death metal gossip, or having classic albums reissued. We recently teamed with the band on a limited swirl vinyl variant of their 1990 debut LP Eaten Back to Life, and we've now partnered back up for a brand new exclusive red/black/white swirl variant of 1992's Tomb of the Mutilated, limited to just 500 copies. Pre-order yours while they last.

Here's what Scab Casserole said when reflecting on Tomb of the Mutilated's 20th anniversary for Invisible Oranges:

What sets Tomb... apart from its predecessors is the music. Every song on the album is a non-stop crusher, maintaining a stabbing rhythm that seems inherently conducive to awesome death metal. While Butchered... showcased the band’s ability to slow things down on tracks like “Vomit The Soul’ and “Covered With Sore,” Tomb... is swift and energetic from start to finish, even in its more strung-out moments. The guitar work on the album ranges from writhing Tesla coil leads to pulpy chugs. Barnes’ vocal rhythm and delivery are better than ever, and maybe than they ever would be again, blending bark, bellow, and howl with perfect precision. Webster’s bass lines peek through the guitar whirlwind with sagging eyesockets oozing pus and rage. Indeed, there’s a deep guttural rhythmic quality to the album not unlike a tribal drum or an excited heartbeat, from the accents of opener and death metal anthem “Hammer Smashed Face” to the slow sonorous fade of closer “Beyond The Cemetery.” Every instrument on every song is percussion, not simply laying down a series of notes or words but blending the various elements present into a distilled and completed sound. Though certain tracks do stand out thanks to the titles or riffs they contain—let’s all acknowledge that “Hammer Smashed Face” is an incredibly brutal and catchy song that deserves every bit of hype and praise it has received over these 20 years—they aren’t the record’s purpose for being. In this way, Tomb of the Mutilated is the kind of album our hippie parents liked to complain aren’t around anymore, one that can be consumed in a single sitting, a larger piece that isn’t simply a series of singles and filler tracks.

Read more here and pick up our new vinyl variant here. You can still grab Eaten Back to Life on smoky clear with white swirl vinyl, and our new Terror album exclusive (featuring a guest spot by Corpsegrinder) too.

All dates for CC's US run with Sanguisugabogg and 200 Stab Wounds surrounding Philly's Decibel Metal & Beer Fest below. All international CC dates here.

Cannibal Corpse / Sanguisugabogg / 200 Stab Wounds -- 2022 Tour Dates
6/8 Jacksonville, FL – The Underbelly
6/9 Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel
6/10 Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans Music Hall
6/11 Philadelphia, PA – Decibel Metal & Beer Fest (no 200 Stab Wounds)
6/12 Richmond, VA – The Broadberry
6/13 Columbia, SC – The Senate (no 200 Stab Wounds)

Cannibal Corpse

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