Stay Inside breathed new life into the emo scene with their 2020 debut LP Viewing, one of our favorite albums of that year. We're stoked to team up with them for a new exclusive variant of the album, pressed to translucent green vinyl and limited to 100 copies. Order yours while they last!

Here's more about Viewing from our Top Albums of 2020 list:

We're over a decade into the "emo revival," and just when you might think the genre's latest wave has reached its saturation point, a band like Stay Inside comes along and breathes new life into it. They pull from all throughout emo's history, from raw '90s screamo to the cathartic choruses of the mid 2000s to the indie rock-adjacent vibe of the "revival" era, and they stir it all together and deliver it in a way that could only happen right now. They make connections between all of the various eras and subgenres of emo that you can only see with hindsight, and they write undeniable songs in the process.

Stream it below and pick up our variant here. Earlier this year, Stay Inside released the Blight EP.


Stay Inside banner

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