We recently teamed with chaotic hardcore greats The Locust on a silver vinyl repress of their 2005 EP Safety Second, Body Last EP, which is now sold out, so we're very pleased to have teamed back up with them on another new repress, this time on "dishonorable discharge white" vinyl (a reference to a lyric on the EP). That's limited to just 200 copies, so get yours while they last!

If you're unfamiliar with the EP, it's one 10-minute song split into two tracks with various movements within each one, and it's just as batshit as any of their full-length albums. Listen to it below.

We also recently partnered with The Locust on an "ancestor incest red" vinyl variant of their 2007 LP New Erections, and you can still pick that one up.


The Locust


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