Toronto's annual screamo festival New Friends Fest returns for the first time since 2019 on July 29-31 at a new venue (Lithuanian House) and the lineup is stacked as always. It includes the back-in-action Gospel, Loma Prieta, Cerce, Dangers, Respire, Joliette, Øjne, Nuvolascura, Senza, Fern Sully, NØ MAN, Clavel, Sonagi, Shy Low, Foxtails, Frail Body, Indisposed, Obroa-Skai, Hawak, Frail Hands, Terry Green, Life in Vacuum, Botfly, awakebutstilinbed, Locktender, Yearning, Lilim, Piper Maru, Quiet Fear, Snag, To Be Gentle, Armywives, and A paradise. Tickets are on sale now.

Gospel recently released a new song which they say is off their first album since 2005, and they also play their NYC hometown in April.

New Friends Fest


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