New Order just released their first new single in five years last week, and now here's another new release from the band. They collaborated with longtime friend and fan Gary Aspden, the founder and curator of adidas Spezial, on a new line of clothing and shoes, which you can see below.

"I knew Gary Aspden from the Haçienda days – Adidas Spezial is his baby,” Bernard Sumner told GQ. "He always mentioned working with us and approached us and our visual designer, former GQ art editor Warren Jackson. I said I’d do it, as long as the collaboration wasn't just a rubber-stamping process."

As Sumner continued to GQ, he knew what he didn't want the collection to look like. "What I wore up until about 1982 was fine," he said. "Everything I wore for the rest of the 1980s was not. During the Acid House phase, when I was perhaps participating in a little too much fun, I actually wore some dungarees, half done up. Not a good look. The 1980s looked bloody terrible. I hated the fashion. There were two streams of people then, not just the square shoulders, geometrical lines and backcombed hair. That was the mainstream, along with Spandau Ballet, Live Aid and Duran Duran. The alternative underground was led by New Order and The Smiths and we didn’t dress like the mainstream. We thought the music was shit – it still is shit – and the clothes were shit."

Speaking to Hypebeast, Aspden said about the collection, "I love the black New Order outerwear jacket. Bernard is often out on his boat so we looked at yachting jackets for ideas. Unlike the jacket we have created, yachting jackets are usually brightly coloured for practical reasons so we brought some contrast to the night grey tonality of the coat and it’s reflective branding with interchangeable zip pullers in a variety of bright pastel colours. These pullers allow the wearer to subtly customise the piece. This idea was carried through into the trainers with interchangeable lace jewels in the same palette."

"The shoe in this drop is called the New Order Wilsy SPZL," he continued. "Bernard currently wears the Wilsy SPZL from a few seasons ago as his on-stage shoe (he always wears white trainers on stage), so we looked at making a more premium all-white version of that in a new fabrication with a few tweaks; adding eyelets, removing stitch lines, reflective second laces, interchangeable lace jewels in various colours. Every part of the product is considered including the box and tissue paper."

The collection is available starting Friday, September 18 via adidas Spezial, but it's currently only shipping to the UK.



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