Ora the Molecule released her debut album, Human Safari, earlier this year, and one of the album's highlights is the joyous "Beat Beat Beat," which has now been remixed by New Order's Gillian Gilbert. It's the first "solo" remix Gilbert has ever done and she should definitely do more, as this is terrific, turning the already very danceable original into even more of a thumping, ecstatic club track.

"I cried the first time I heard this," says Ora the Molecule. "I needed to pinch my arm to remind myself that I was not dreaming. I have trouble believing that this legend has touched my art! And she did such a good interpretation of it, she took the Sami-inspired native shouts and brought them to the surface. I think she made the track darker and more emotionally piercing. And it’s constantly changing; she made a storyline. I love it so much. It fits both in the club, and I could see it in a movie like Lord Of The Rings too!"

Gillian Gilbert's "Beat Beat Beat" remix premieres in this post -- listen to it and the original below..

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